GreekPolitics: Sentiment Analysis on Greek Politically Charged Tweets

The rapid growth of on-line social media platforms has rendered opinion mining/sentiment analysis a critical area of research. This paper focuses on analyzing Twitter posts (tweets), written in the Greek language and politically charged in content. This is a rather underexplored topic, due to the inadequacy of publicly available annotated datasets. Thus, we present and release GreekPolitics: a dataset of Greek tweets with politically charged content, annotated for four different sentiments: polarity, figurativeness, aggressiveness and bias. GreekPolitics has been evaluated comprehensively using state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and data augmentation methods. This paper details the dataset, the evaluation process and the experimental results.

JGNN: Graph Neural Networks on Native Java

We introduce JGNN, an open source Java library to define, train, and run Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) under limited resources. The library is cross-platform and implements memory-efficient machine learning components without external dependencies. Model definition is simplified by parsing Python-like expressions, including interoperable dense and sparse matrix operations and inline parameter definitions. GNN models can be deployed on smart devices and trained on local data.