AI4Media workshop on “Human- and Society-centred AI”

On June 25, 2021 May 4th, AI4media organised a technical workshop on Human- and Society-centred AI” via webex. The objective of the workshop was to present the recent research advances achieved in the AI4Media project on this domain, particularly addressing the following topics:

  • the detection of deep fakes in multimedia content
  • the dynamics of social media conversations
  • the automatic analysis of political discourse
  • the fusion of different signals for user behaviour characterization
  • the human-centered analysis of news consumption, and
  • the real-life effects of data sharing

The workshop aimed to allow a better understanding of the relation between AI and different aspects of news distribution and consumption, and contribute to the design of a healthier public debate, with a particular focus on societally impactful topics such as health and politics.

In addition to the interventions from AI4Media partners, the workshop also had two guest speakers:

Recording of the workshop: