our methodology

The AI4Media methodology is based on 6 pillars.

The European Media AI research agenda and observatory

which will set and maintain a research and innovation agenda for media AI, while anticipating the social and economic disruptive potential of emerging technologies.

Research and innovation activities

in core areas of Media AI where Europe has or can acquire a competitive advantage, generating technologies which will enrich the AI4EU platform.

AI real-world application through use-cases

in close coordination between academia, industry, and user groups, aimed to provide direct application of technologies made available through the AI4EU platform to strengthen the competitiveness of European businesses in the broader media sector and the European society.

Equity-free funding for innovative research and applications in the AI sector

to increase engagement of actors outside the consortium and build an ecosystem around the network, in turn benefiting from it and bringing innovation to the market.

The AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA)

which will foster the European talent providing the opportunity to contribute to the development of the European brand of AI, conduct industry-relevant research through intense mobility, and establish career links within the EU.

The AI4Media Virtual Centre of Excellence

in close communication with the AI4EU network which will function as a portal and network nexus for all Media AI research and innovation activities in Europe.

Our methodology in a nutshell


A joint research agenda in the fields of media-related AI research

A set of tangible breakthroughs in new machine learning paradigms and in particular decentralised learning

A set of novel algorithms and technologies in the areas of explainability, robustness, and privacy in AI, without sacrificing data utility

A toolbox of novel content-centered AI algorithms and applications

A set of novel technologies in the areas of human- and society-centered AI

Enrichment of the EU AI-on-demand-platform

A collection of use-cases by industry leaders setting the research directions and grounding research to the most promising current questions

A collaborative PhD program (AIDA - AI Doctoral Academy) to strengthen the interaction between academia and industry

A concrete incubator and cascade funding program to support the external exploitation of ideas coming from within the project

A Virtual Centre for Excellence and the ecosystem that will grow around it, which will serve as a hub for the field and the community and will provide a long-term basis for the support of AI excellence in Europe, long after the project end, with the aim of ensuring that Ethical AI guided by European values assumes a global leading role in the field of Media.