AI4Media endorsed the Code-against-hate hackathon 2021

AI4Media endorsed and supported the Code-against-hate hackathon that was carried out on March 19-21, 2021. In particular, AI4Media’s partner, the AI Multimedia Lab of University Politehnica of Bucharest participated with a team in the hackathon and Prof. Bogdan Ionescu was a Mentor in the event.

Scope of the event

Public communicators, influencers, popular brands, journalists, etc. are targeted with online hate speech on a daily basis, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, when creating content. The amount of user-generated comments on these platforms is huge and identifying hate speech manually has become such a time-consuming task, that most public communicators feel discouraged to tackle it.

Let´s empower public communicators and social media users in their infinite fight against hate speech. The real challenge is not only to detect hate speech effectively but to develop a solution that would make moderation of online debate containing hate speech easier.

More information about the event HERE