Summary of the project

In a fast-changing media ecosystem, professionals and enterprises in the News and Media industry face new challenges that they should address to maximise their productivity and improve their services. The rise of alternative sources of news, such as social media which are the main news source, especially for young people, has led to emerging requirements in the News and Media industry. A core requirement is the need for publishing articles as fast as possible on various platforms, combining both visual and textual content. Accompanying news with images raises the readers’ interest, improves engagement, and recall. Therefore, professionals in the News and Media industry need to adapt their publication strategies to meet this requirement and meet the media consumers’ expectations. However, the selection of the appropriate images is a time-consuming and manual task. VIREO addresses this challenge by providing professionals (e.g., journalists) with an integrated digital solution that automatically recommends a collection of images that could accompany an article. To achieve this, VIREO implements text and image analysis and matching processes leveraging AI techniques in real time. VIREO aims to benefit both professionals (e.g., journalists) by suggesting appealing images that accompany the textual content of their articles and create breath-taking stories and the media consumers (e.g., readers) by delivering them an enhanced reading experience, engagement, and recall.

The team:

George Raptis
Christina Katsini
Vasilis Theodorou
Filio Vogiantzi

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