Summary of the project

During the last years, video marketing has been proven as a highly efficient media to engage targeted audience at reasonable prices and good performance indicators. These aspects motivates that the global video ad investment forecast in this content media shows a continuous growth of 12% till 2025, reaching $148 B.

This huge market size has associated an enormous amount of web traffic being redirected to the companies’ websites. However, based on the information reported by the video ad platforms in JOT video campaigns, between 20-30% of this traffic comes from inauthentic users, programmed to spend the companies budget clicking on the ads with no post-conversion, limiting marketing campaigns’ impact and reducing the return of investment by wasting companies’ budget.

In this scenario, JOT, as a performance-based marketing company that manages 200,000 ad impressions and 10,000 clicks per day, will develop an innovative AI-based system to (i) identify the main behavioural patterns of inauthentic users to predict their actions and limit their impact in the video marketing campaigns and (ii) model the quality score associated to a campaign.

These data services will be developed thanks to the existing database describing the video web traffic (YouTube) of more than 12 landings during more than a year. This ensures that algorithms will be trained, tested, and validated with real data to reach the required quality and accuracy to be used in production conditions for decision making.

To reach such objectives, JOT team is formed by complementary skills combining, video marketing campaigns management and optimization, data science, big data processing and cloud architecture deployment. The team has been working on data collection and development of predictive services at a small scale to validate data accessibility and algorithms implementation as real proof of concept.

Thanks to the AI4Media support, JOT will be able to develop a system capable of identifying unauthentic/authentic web traffic for video marketing campaigns to increase trust in this media as a tool to reach the right audience at the right time, exploiting all the features and benefits of this media content ad platform.

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