Summary of the project

Propelled by the latest advancements in open-source intelligence (OSINT), our team of data scientists and veteran fact-checking experts will develop a next-generation intelligence platform to make collaborative collection of evidence for media authentication easier and faster. The platform will adopt cutting-edge AI methods from cyber-security to the media domain, empowering fact-checkers, investigators and journalists to be more effective. It will power more effective, transparent, explainable and reproducible verification processes, across all media formats – videos, audios, images and text – at scale.

Today, cyber-security researchers and forensic investigators have a variety of verification capabilities at their disposal, yet the existing workflows are fragmented across many tools with individualized and unstructured processes. Leveraging the latest advancements in NLP and Computer Vision, the team will develop an innovative platform that addresses these challenges and provides a centralized, collaborative and structured workflow to make evidence collection and preservation quick and simple.

The platform will provide a centralized User Interface with integrations to the most prominent and effective OSINT Tools, into one platform. It will have built-in standardized processes with checklists and best practices for verification. The technology is building upon an existing prototype we developed for fact-checking and media authentication on Twitter, already tested by leading fact-checkers. The Twitter messaging UI empowers users to exchange information and promotes collaborative investigations. Moreover, the system will be integrated with an innovative e-signature time-stamped solution for evidence storage that goes beyond the existing tools.

We will deliver a fully working system that will help save 20%-40% of the time needed for verification and make fact-checkers more effective while advancing state-of-the-art in media authentication and contributing to the AI4Media ecosystem. To promote the project, we will publish whitepapers and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the system and promote it via social media and webinars. Also, the team will leverage partnerships with Nielsen, Twitter and the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) to raise awareness and position the solution as a standard for media authentication.

AdVerif.AI is an AI start-up backed by Nielsen and a global leader in disinformation defence with a social-impact mission to keep users safe from harmful content while building trust into digital media and advertising networks. It is a member of the Microsoft AI for Good program and was named by CB insights among 36 global game-changers: start-ups with potential to transform society and economy for the better.

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