Summary of the project

Varia Research is a project that aims to put journalists, the heavy lifters of the industry, in its focus, by providing an AI-powered research solution.

For too long, the efforts in terms of digitalization and tooling have been focusing on content monetization and distribution. While these two tasks are undoubtedly important, the emphasis on content creation was neglected. At the same time, budget cuts in recent years have led to increasing pressure on journalists, who have to produce more content with less capacity – while adhering to constant quality standards.

Varia Research is here to change that. The goal of this project is to provide a research solution for journalists, that will help them structure their research much more efficiently and partially automate their research by leveraging machine learning insights. All with the ultimate goal to enable journalists, freelancing or employed, to produce more and better content. The outcome should be a SaaS application that is easy to use and flexible enough to fit into individual and newsroom workflows.

With this approach, Varia Research appeals to the AI4Media use case 2, which is looking for projects in the “Smart News Assistant” field, that aim to find solutions that help journalists to better cope with the ever-increasing amount of news that they are confronted with – and supports them in the content creation process. Varia Research further answers challenge 7 of the AI4Media Application Track, by leveraging publisher archives for efficient content production.

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