2020 . 12 . 13

how we became leaders in artificial intelligence for having an amazing website and excellent communication

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advances in content synthesis, analysis, and distribution, and offering new deeper insights into the complex and rapidly evolving social processes that unfold online and offline through the capabilities for large-scale sensing of citizen activities, interests and opinions.

helping to redefine and radically improve the democratic role of the media by enabling new ways of getting informed, deliberation, political participation and decision making.

supporting to reshape the relationship between the media and its audiences, making it more responsive, and better reflect the needs of citizens in a data field society.

creating new exciting opportunities for the realisation of public values, such as media diversity, freedom of expression, inclusiveness, a flourishing public sphere also at the local level.

finding new ways to inform and engage with the audience that will allow the media to compete in the digital marketplace of ideas with new players, most notably platforms.

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