Summary of the project

Modern media are transitioning from a single-dimensional nature becoming more dynamic, interactive, and including novel technologies such as AI and XR. However, those are still limited to traditional channels and media domains. Thus, there is a need to address the challenges for producing content in this mutable environment allowing users to experience media in different platforms and offering access and transitions between different media contents and formats. Our proposed solution will explore novel Neural and Volumetric technologies to provide a solution capable of automatically delivering new integrated 3D media content and formats for XR TV production. This solution will provide a novel XR Media Production Tool integrating the two volumetric/XR technologies represented by 1) Neural Radiance Field scene modelling and 2) holographic real-time video volumetric transmission. The proposed solution will be demonstrated in a news media XR production use case where a news presenter will be holoported to a 3D reconstruction of a XR scenario covering an example of news related event (i.e., a disaster area, concert, or sport event), and the production will be able to show the Neural based newly generated content from a potentially unlimited number of viewpoints, with improved detail and with the possibility to place the spectator in an XR immersive experience.


The team:

Ivan Huerta        Casado
Gianluca Cernigliaro
Sergio Montoya de Paco