2022 . 06 . 29

AI4Media’s stakeholder consultation – Policy recommendations in AI and Media


29 June 2022

On June 29th, AI4Media will organise a stakeholder consultation about policy recommendations in the field of AI and Media. The event will take place online.

Why such a consultation?

AI4Media is aware that the lack of specific policy recommendations regarding the use of AI applications and tools in the media sector could create important challenges for accomplishing the EU's vision of trustworthy AI. To address this issue, the project aims to develop a set of policy recommendations to ensure that the European values of ethical and trustworthy AI will be embedded in future AI deployments in the media sector. AI4Media wants to hear from the various stakeholders (media professionals, research and academia, civil society, NGOs, policy makers) to relay their concerns and include their voices in what will be the initial policy recommendations. The project conducted research on legal, societal, and technical aspects of AI for media applications and this event will also be the opportunity for participants to learn about these research outcomes.

Practical information:

The event is divided into 3 sessions, one for each group of stakeholders, with a 2-hour duration each.

  1. Session for Media stakeholders: from 10h to 12h CEST
  2. Session for Civil society, NGOs, Academia: from 13h to 15h CEST
  3. Session for Policy makers: from 16h to 18h CEST

Each session will start with a presentation about some key takeaways from the following AI4Media research:

  • The analysis of the EU policy on AI and the forthcoming Commission’s legislative proposal on AI regulation with a specific focus on AI for media applications.
  • The roadmap and foresight on AI technologies and applications in media.
  • The assessment of the social/economic/political impact of future advances in AI for media technology and applications.

Following these short presentations, the floor will be open for discussion in order to exchange ideas on the topic and collect feedback, input, best practices, and concerns from stakeholders. The discussion will be moderated by AI4Media partners. The event will be held according to the Chatham House rule. There will also be the possibility to collect inputs on an anonymous basis.


* Participation is free of charge, but registration is obligatory before June 27. After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours with the link to your dedicated session.

** In case of questions about the consultation, please send an email to noemie.krack@kuleuven.be