2023 . 07 . 18

AI4Media Open Call #1 DemoDay

"Empowering research and applications in Artificial Intelligence for the Media Industry"

Tuesday 18 July 2023 - 10:00 CEST

Event Overview:

The world is changing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of disruptive innovations, currently reshaping various sectors and industries.

Media is undoubtedly one of the key industries AI is revolutionizing. The media market is already benefiting from intelligent ways of media production, distribution, and delivery, from advanced editing tools for media to AI-assisted quality enhancement, to audience analysis and recommender systems.

AI technologies can help reshape the relationship between the media and its audiences, make it more responsive, and better reflect the needs of citizens. The introduction of AI also creates exciting new opportunities for the realisation of public values, such as media diversity, freedom of expression, and inclusiveness.

AI4Media has established a competitive funding programme to attract researchers and SMEs to the AI4Media Network, to boost cross-border and cross-sector innovation within media sectors. The funding programme has a total of €1 million to fund 20 innovative projects focusing on AI-driven research or applications for the media sector.

The first AI4media open call funded 10 projects that focused on a variety of topics, ranging from personalised music, recommendation systems for heritage collections, edge computing for UAV, web traffic analysis, deep learning, content moderation, misinformation and disinformation, and journalistic research.

Join us this Tuesday 18 July 2023 to meet the people behind these projects and learn first-hand about the groundbreaking applications that are shaping the future of media.

Register today. We would love to have you there.

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Funded projects and presenters