2024 . 06 . 05 to 2024 . 06 . 07
Leuven, Belgium

AI4Media at LAILEC 2024 – Beyond the Rules: Regulatory Frontiers of AI and Data

5-7 June 2024 | Leuven, Belgium


The Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) of KU Leuven is organising the 2024 edition of the LAILEC Conference. LAILEC will this year be co-located with the Data Week of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) The 3 days event, from 5-7 June 2024, aims to unravel the intricacies and impact of the new regulations on data and AI.

AI4Media is set to make a significant contribution to the event, with KU Leuven’s team participating in the panel titled "Generative AI and Virtual Worlds: Shaping Tomorrow’s Media."

The LAILEC Conference will focus on responsible AI governance in light of the EU AI Act's approval, aiming to cover various topics, including compliance methodologies, best practices, and notable implementations. The event will explore innovative solutions such as policy prototyping and regulatory sandboxes. Additionally, it will provide analyses of global AI policy initiatives from the UK, US, and China, assessing their impact and exploring potential avenues for international regulatory convergence.

In terms of data regulation, the conference seeks to examine the evolving landscape, with a focus on frameworks such as the GDPR, the Data Act, and the Data Governance Act. Emphasis will be placed on building trust among data subjects, holders, and users. The discussions will explore the concept of common European data spaces and the roles of emerging entities such as data intermediation service providers and data altruism organizations, which are pivotal in promoting secure data sharing.

More information and registration at the LAILEC20204 website [HERE]