2021 . 09 . 13

AI4Media’s workshop on “Content-centered AI”

The objective of the workshop on “Content-centered AI”, organised by AI4Media on September 1st, 2021, was to present the contributions from AI4Media partners in fundamental machine learning research, and innovative Artificial Intelligence-based methods and tools for content production and usage.

The workshop addressed limitations of Deep Learning related to training with data scarcity, extending the potential applicability of AI to a wider set of media. It also presented innovative solutions for (semi-) automated multimedia content production, analysis of content provenance, visual data and audio retrieval, annotation, and summarization.

The workshop had two invited talks from worldwide renowned scientists:

  • Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore, will give a keynote talk on “Privacy-aware Analytics for Human Attributes from Images”, where he will address the key topic of how analyzing human emotions, gender and age in images and videos under privacy-preserving conditions.
  • Prof. Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University,  will give a keynote on “Multimedia analysis and multimedia retrieval: Is there a mismatch?”, where he will explore the relationship between visual information and human memory and raise questions on the real effectiveness of the current search and analysis tools that we use.

Recording of the Workshop:


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