2022 . 06 . 27

The AI4Media Evaluation-as-a-Service Platform

Benchmarking represents a vital tool for the development of new technologies as it allows and eases a fair process for comparing the performance of different AI algorithms on common grounds, e.g., data, training, and metrics. The dedicated AI4Media open Benchmarking Platform is in its Prototype phase at this moment, providing such capabilities.

It was developed on the CodaLab framework. A testing benchmark is also provided as an example, namely the novel “late fusion” benchmark (ImageCLEFfusion 2022 task). The platform allows the users to create benchmarking tasks, create cloud-based repositories, manage participants and submitted data, as well as API integration.

It brings several advantages:

  • a European-based Evaluation-as-a-Service platform;
  • better control over data privacy, as access to data can be managed and the platform can even be deployed on local installs, thus separating it from the outside world;
  • development of reproducible and computationally efficient AI, through the high-level functions and options offered to the users;
  • addition of computational efficiency metrics that organizers can use to understand the computational complexity of the participants’ methods.

Access the prototype source code HERE

Author: Bogdan Ionescu, (Politehnica University of Bucharest)