2021 . 07 . 27

2nd International Workshop on Video Retrieval Methods & their Limits – ViRAL

The 2nd International Workshop on Video Retrieval Methods and Their Limits – ViRAL workshop – will be organised under the frame of the “International Conference on Computer Vision” - ICCV2021 on October 2021, with the support of AI4Media project. With the vastly increasing amount of video data being created, searching in video is a common task in many application areas, such as media and entertainment, surveillance, or medicine. Video search is a way to address a user’s information need, which is expressed as a query in textual or visual form, which is often only an approximation of the required information. In this context, the ViRaL workshop is calling for contributions in content-based video search using different types of queries. Contributions may focus on search and retrieval methods, evaluation and benchmarking approaches for video retrieval, and technologies to understand how retrieval systems meet or fail to address the information needs, such as explainability of components of the retrieval system, active learning, etc. This workshop also addresses a specific application area of the emerging topic of fairness and explainability of AI, in particular related to image/video analysis components. The workshop has its origin in the TRECVID and VBS benchmarks, in both of which several AI4Media partners are regular participants. More information about the workshop and the Call for Papers HERE